Emergency Department

OSF Saint James is staffed 24 hours a day with specially trained physicians and other medical professionals. Our specialists are prepared to handle serious emergencies on site, and advanced emergency care is available via Life Flight helicopter or local ambulance to our sister hospitals, the Level I Trauma Center at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria or OSF St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington.

Emergency Services | Ambulance Unloading Patient

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The Illinois Department of Public Health has designated OSF Saint James - John W. Albrecht Medical Center as a "Resource Hospital." As a resource hospital, OSF Saint James has the responsibility of overseeing all the training and education of the EMS system providers.

The hospital offers education in the following areas:

An EMS System is a network of area fire departments, rescue squads, telecommunicators, industrial responders and ambulance services helping and/or providing services to our communities in cases of injuries or illnesses.

Currently, the providers within the OSF Saint James-John W. Albrecht Medical Center EMS System are: 

  • Pontiac Fire Department
  • Minonk Emergency Squad
  • Flanagan-Graymont Ambulance Service
  • Cornell Fire Department
  • Odell Fire Department/EMS
  • Duffy Ambulance Service
  • LivCom E9-1-1
  • Saunemin Fire Department
  • Cullom Fire Department
  • Seneca Ambulance Service
  • Gridley Fire Department
  • Mazon/MVK
  • Piper City Fire Department
  • Chatsworth Fire Department
  • Forrest Fire Department
  • SELCAS Ambulance - Fairbury
  • Caterpillar Fuel Systems - Pontiac
  • Interlake
  • R.R. Donnelly & Sons - Pontiac
  • Dana Fire Department
  • Kempton Fire Department
  • Seneca Fire Department
  • Strawn Fire Department
  • Dow/Mycogen - Pontiac

If you have any questions concerning the OSF Saint James-John W. Albrecht Medical Center EMS System, please contact the EMS Office at (815) 842-4938.


As a member of the INI Stroke Network, OSF Saint James can provide the best care for stroke victims. Learn the warning signs of stroke so you can protect yourself or a loved one from complications of stroke.

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Heart Attack

Getting medical attention within one hour of heart attack symptoms can double your chance of surviving a heart attack. Learn the warning signs and ways to prevent a heart attack from ever happening. OSF Saint James is a member of the Cardiac Emergency Network.

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Routine emergencies aren't routine when they happen to you. OSF Saint James emergency department cares for adult and pediatric patients with compassion to help you through your emergency.

Sudden Severe Illness

If you don't know whether it's food poisoning or appendicitis, the emergency department at OSF Saint James is the place to go. We'll treat you thoroughly, yet efficiently, to get you home in the best possible time.


Accident or injury can happen at the least expected time. It's comforting to know that OSF Saint James is always prepared to care for you in times of trauma. All RNs have trauma certifications.